The natural solution for soil remediation, BioWest’s landfarm is one of the most effective and straightforward ways to treat and remediate petroleum-contaminated soils and sediments.

We use proven land farming methods, as well as our own proprietary blend of soil nutrients and hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria in order to foster natural biodegradation on non-hazardous petroleum contaminants.

Our permit includes waste acceptance of non-hazardous or exempt petroleum contaminated soils and sediments, in addition to wastes associated with petroleum production and refining operations.

Examples of soil contaminants include:

  • Gasoline
    Jet Fuels
  • Crude oils
    Drill cuttings
    Contaminated sand, gravel, and rock

Waste media characterized as non-hazardous by analysis and E&P exempt can be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Landfarming, Reclaimed fill dirt

All contaminated soil must also include the required laboratory testing according to WY DEQ SHWD Guidelines and Standards. We can work with an independent certified laboratory to have your material tested before or you can provide us the laboratory analysis.

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Trucking and HaulingTrucking and Hauling

Trucking and Hauling

BioWest Remediation can quickly, safely and cost-effectively mobilize the needed personnel, equipment and supplies required to attack large and small projects, including diesel or gas contaminated sand, gravel, rock, soil and drill cuttings. We also manage cleanup operations by transporting contaminated soils to the BioWest landfarm facility and replacing it with new soil.

BioWest quickly, safely and cost-effectively mobilizes the needed personnel, equipment and supplies to haul large and small projects:

  • contaminated sand, gravel and rock
  • diesel and gas contaminated soil
  • drill cuttings
  • fill dirt and reclaimed soil, sand and gravel
  • concrete
  • reclamation debris
  • rail car loads

Reclaimed Fill Dirt

A variety of industries—from construction to power operations to municipal and city organizations—can get a ton out of reclaimed soil, gravel and rock. Treated according to state and federal environmental guidelines, BioWest’s reclaimed soil can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as backfill for production sites or cover dirt for landfills.

Some typical industries that use our reclaimed soils include: oil, gas, coal, construction, landfills, individuals, private organizations, and municipal and city organizations.

Reclaimed fill dirt