The BioWest Difference

What We Do

BioWest performs the following services to make sure all remediated soil meets required standards. We:

  • provide a plan for remediation and services after a complete analysis and level of contamination is determined
  • test all incoming material. We test throughout our process to deem if material is clean according to state standards.
  • treat contaminated soil on-site with our proprietary process or provide disposal to our landfarm facility
  • assess small or large contamination, including diesel or gas-contaminated sand, gravel, rock, soil and drill cuttings
  • furnish hauling and trucking services, personnel, equipment and supplies
  • provide soil remediation applications/landfarming treatment
  • provide recording and required reporting
  • test treated soil before returning as reclaimed fill dirt
  • determine destination/disposition/disposal for on time delivery at the right price

BioWest’s technical expertise of remediation technologies and bioremediation processes makes us a leader to manage petroleum-contaminated soils.

We offer:

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    Solid Reputation

    a combination of 30 years of unique experience in soil remediation, soil nutrition, propriety fertilizers products, and industrial hauling and reclamation. We’re highly qualified to provide natural solutions for your remediation/environmental needs.

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    BioWest Remediation utilizes landfarming technology, bioremediation practices, and our own proprietary blend of microbes to treat and remediate petroleum-contaminated soils and sediments. We utilize tested and proven landfarming methods and our own proprietary blend of soil nutrients and hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria to foster natural biodegradation of non-hazardous petroleum contaminants.

    We combine this technical expertise with practical field application and soil management experience to tackle the most difficult and wide variety of on-site remediation problems.

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    Environmental guidelines

    Our processes follow the guidelines and permit requirements of state regulatory bodies and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Our commercial landfarm facility is permitted with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.

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    Strategic location

    Our Wyoming facility allows BioWest Remediation to serve and work with a wide range of customers and work to solve a variety of remediation needs across the western states. Our landfarm is located in northeast Wyoming with easy access from I-90, Hwy 16 and Hwy 116.